Visit Stinkies Pet Service Directory.  Locate a Pooper Scooper, Pet Sitter, Dog Wakers or Dog Trainer.  Dog waste removal in Olathe,Leawood,Lenexa,Overland Park,Gardner,Kansas City Kansas,Kansas City Missouri,Independence,Blue Springs,Mission,Shawnee Mission,Fairway,Johnson,Jackson,Cass,Wyandotte and Maimi County.  Go to Stinkies pet service directory to find a professional pooper scooper, pet sitter, dog walker or dog trainer in Hawaii,Idaho,Illinois,Indiana,Iowa,Kansas,Kentucky,Louisiana,Maine,Maryland,
Nevada,New Hampshire,New Jersey,New Mexico,New York,North Carolina,North
Dakota,Ohio,Oklahoma,Oregon,Pennsylvainia,Rhode Island,South Carolina
Tennessee,Texas,Utah,Vermont,Virginia,Washington,West Virginia,Wisconsin,
Connecticut,Delaware,Florida and Georgia.  If your tired of steping in dog poop,
let the professionals clean up the waste for you, we've been taking crap all over
Kansas City since 2002.  Dog waste is a terrible thing to mind, let us do the dirty
work.  Your dogs business is our business.  Pet waste removal,dog waste removal
number 2 is our number 1 business.  Dog crap,pet waste,dog poop removal,olathe,
lenexa,overland park,leawood,gardner,shawnee,mission,fairway,blue springs,johnson,jackson,cass,wyandotte,maimi county.  Stinkies now offers
kitty litter service.  cat litter box service.  pet service for your cat.  cat box,kitty litter.
Are you in need of a pooper scooper pet service?  We service all of the Kansas City
Metro Area.  Kansas city's dog poop pickup service.  We pick up what your dog leaves behind. dog waste pick up service,pickup,pet waste pick up service.   Pet Waste Pick up serving the Kansas City Metro Area.  Dog poop pick up service.  Stinkies picks up dog feces.  Call Stinkies, the dog poop pickup service. Don't let the kids out tell you call Stinkes to pick up the poop! 

Only hire a professional to clean up after your pet.  Stinkies is a member of apaws, the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists.  Tired of having to clean up after your pet?  We are the professionals in pet waste removal.  pet pick up,pet pickup,poop pickup,poop pick up,dog poop clean up.  We service the kansas city metro area, kcmo,kc,mo,ks,mokan.  Kansas City, KS,MO,KCMO.  Stinkies will vapoorize the dog poo.  Envy comes out April 2004.  Watch his new product called vapoorize make the dog poo disapear.  vapoorize,vapoorise.
Live in the Brookside area?  We service Brookside, MO. Missouri.  We also service the Waldo area.  Service in Brookside.  Brookside pet.  concierge.

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