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We Scoop Poop Kansas City.  Stinkies Pet Waste Removal is the leader in the KC area in dog poop clean up and pet waste disposal.  We take pride in providing a dependable dog poop scooping service for dog owners who either do not have the time or desire to keep up with the yard cleanings.  Dogs typically "doo their thing" at least twice a day.  With multiple pets, dog waste can accumulate rapidly.  Often times the chore of poop scooping can be very overwhelming.  With Stinkies Pet Waste Removal of Kansas City, we rid you and your family of this disgusting chore at an affordable fee.

We service hundreds of very satisfied dog owners each and every week.   Let's face it, you have better things to do with your time and the stress of keeping up with the yard scooping can create unneeded tension in your family.  You can count on Stinkies to rid your yard of pet waste on a routine schedule.

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Kansas City Royals Bark at The K.
Kansas City Royals Bark at The K.Kansas City Royals Bark at The K.Kansas City Royals Bark at The K.
Kansas City Royals Bark at The K.
Residential Pet Waste Removal
Residential Pet Waste Removal.  We're keeping Kansas City waste free one backyard at a time!
Residential Pet Waste Removal
Commercial Pet Waste Removal
Commercial Pet Waste Solutions.  Wonderful for apartment complexes, city parks, dog parks and HOA's.  
Commercial Pet Waste Removal
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Stinkies Pet Waste Removal was created to relieve you of the gross and time consuming burden of keeping your yard clean on a consistent basis and we provide you the best the pet waste removal industry has to offer.  You are our customer.  Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.  That is not just a statement, it is our policy. We take pride in servicing pet owners in our community.

We are Kansas City's premier pet waste removal service and we have earned that title one yard at a time from thousands of satisfied customers.

When you have pet waste problems, call Kansas City's Poo-lution Solution.

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